Questions & Answers
Q. Do you use Green Products?
A. Yes we do. We use them every chance we can, some chemicals are need for tougher jobs.

Q. How do you clean carpets, what system?
A. I use a low moisture, encapsulating system(Green Cleaning). We control the amount of water being used to clean your carpets. Spots that are dirty, will use more water than those that are less soiled. This gives your carpets a faster drying time. I use the top of the line Encapsulating solution on the market. The scent is from Australian Tea Bark, what an awesome sent, not a chemical smell.

Q. How long will it take for my carpets to dry?
A. The weather plays a large role in dry time. The more humidity in the air, longer dry time. I clean residential carpets in the morning, so while you are out and about, your carpets are drying. When you come home they usually are dry. Motels like our system because they are renting the rooms out that night without lose of revenue.

Q. My cars upholstery is dirty, how long before I can drive it with out wet seats?
A. I use several different methods to clean upholstery. Dirty seats require more attention and may take  more dry time, but we use heat and air movers to increase dry time.

Q. Can you Scotch guard my upholstery ?
A. We only use the best! we can do your upholstery at home, your car seats and your carpets. Using  scotch guard will help fight stains, making it easier to remove them. Its a smart move! 

Q. Whats Headlight Restoration?
A. Do you have foggy/ yellowing headlight? This is when your lens gets scratched and oxidized from everyday driving. We can clean then and put a clear coat on them to keep them from fogging up again. You will be glad you did, now you can see again at night.

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