Floor Cleaning in Belle Fourche, SD

True Clean Carpets and Janitorial Services is well-known not only for carpet cleaning, but for floor cleaning across a variety of materials and surface types. We deliver essential floor care services to homes and businesses throughout Belle Fourche, SD, using products and cleaning techniques that restore, preserve and improve the look and feel of your surfaces. From your most-trafficked areas to persistent spots and stains on flooring, expect restorative results.

Flooring Cleaning Services

Floors see a lot of abuse, day in and day out. A little floor cleaning goes a long way in restoring your floors and giving them back their appeal. Our experienced floor cleaning experts have the know-how to care for and restore all types of flooring, using eco-friendly products whenever possible for a safe, restorative clean.

  • Natural wood: We care for natural wood using safe, non-abrasive cleaners. Not only can we clean away the marks and scuffs from your wood floor, we can also strip and refinish clear coats to bring a glossy aesthetic back to your flooring.
  • Tile and grout: Don’t spend endless hours scrubbing away to clean your tile and grout! We use highly effective products and techniques to clean natural stone tile and sterilize grout, to prevent growth and marring over time.
  • Engineered flooring: Engineered flooring materials are highly resilient and need very little care and upkeep. Nevertheless, we’re able to wash and clean these floors to preserve their appeal and durability for years to come.

Waxing and Buffing Services

Waxing a buffing are a cornerstone of floor care. From commercial offices to retail stores in Belle Fourche, SD, we’re able to strip, wax and buff flooring to keep it gleaming and polished. From buffed concrete, to natural stone, to poly material, our buffing and waxing services restore the luster and shine to even the most high-trafficked areas.

Restore Your Floors

Whether for routine cleaning and care or a one-time restorative clean, True Clean Carpets and Janitorial Services is ready to service your flooring. Contact us today at 605-591-2704 to learn more about the types of floors we care for, our cleaning approach and to get a free estimate on cleaning services.

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